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Civil society worldwide is facing major disruptions - as individuals, groups, organisations, communities large and small. Maybe we are overwhelmed and feel fear and despair. It's so big, I am small. It’s pointless, hopeless.

That's not how I see it.


Why plus 1

I am +1, just one person. As one, I have influence. My every thought and action influences a world - that bit of the world I am in contact with. I can do something about that.

Live as well as we can today, pains and all. Notice the past, but do not be limited by it. Lean into the future to sense what is emerging - for me, for each of us, for our groups, organisations and communities.

Every day I do my best to practice making my influence a creative, life-sustaining one to invite profound systemic change at all levels, from personal to global. Serving civil society clients through get2thepoint is part of that practice. With you, for you.

This is my practice, in life and work

This is my practice

‘Hello, this is Martin...’

Cultivating this practice in thought, speech and action is the best way I know of protecting myself - and of responding to the tendency towards hatred, anger, prejudice and fear and other destructive behaviour, in me and in others.