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It’s a gift. After five decades in civil society, I want to pass on what I know about meeting together well. Each video contains a grain or two of magic dust which you can use to bring life and purpose to your next meeting.

We launched these pages in August 2017 and we know there are wrinkles and things to improve. We learn as you learn.

Meeting Together EssentialsMeeting Together Essentials

There are some things which we think are to be found within the heart of every meeting. Essence, essential. We suggest that attending to these essentials will help improve your meetings practice.

Ask MartinAsk Martin

There are countless things you can do in a meeting which will bring life to it. (We started counting but we stopped as we approached infinity). Each one is a tiny grain of magic dust which has power – and together they can transform a world. Each video presents one tiny grain in a few minutes, as simply as we know how.

Interviews and Events

Alongside each interview and event is a handy summary of key points to help you find something which may be useful to you. Some are shorter, some are longer and there are gems within them all.