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Habits in our meetings and working relationships help each of us get through the day - but they also limit us. With get2thepoint, your team can let go of what is no longer helpful and learn new perspectives, skills and ways of working with each other. Martin’s NowBlog, videos and articles about meetings, coaching and the real life of organisations, are offered to serve everyone who is working to sustain civil society, worldwide.

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Ask Martin vlog

Meeting Essentials Part 1

Give time checks, and end the meeting on time, even a bit early

There's a noise in my head. Notice how having a noisy filter in your head makes it hard to engage

Let's hear from everybody. Ways to help people get engaged (in a meeting)

A photo of a VIP. A simple way to boost engagement in hybrid meetings (some people in the room some remote

Finding a way through a painful meeting with FFF (with I for Insight in the middle)

Tip of the week

How do you get talkative people to be quiet? 2. In a speaker presenting scenario, before the session starts agree with speakers how long they will speak for and agree when you will give them a time check. A 10-minutes talk may have a 5-minute time check. When introducing them, announce that you have agreed with the speaker that you'll indicate at 8 minutes. When 8 minutes comes show 8 fingers and keep your hands aloft until the speaker has seen you.

52 tips to bring magic to your meetings - that’s one a week for a year


Governance magazine
For 7 years to 2014 Martin Farrell wrote ‘Under the BoardTalk’ for every issue of Governance magazine. In a light-hearted but serious way, this column looks into some of the issues facing charity trustee boards in the UK and internationally.

Third sector magazine (UK)
Some habits keep us safe. Others keep us stuck. This regular column in the UK’s Third Sector magazine (2014/15) invited us to reflect on our habits and to change those that serve neither us nor those we are serving. Let’s face our demons even if when it's scary, unsettling and difficult.

All sorts of useful stuff
Dealing with major Incidents, Indabas, collaborative facilitation and more...

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Meeting Together

Meeting Together and the 5Ps

Published in 2006, Meeting Together (86pp) contains wisdom, tips and ideas about meetings in an engaging, readily digestible, sometimes funny and always insightful way. The 5Ps+1 is a simple tool for checking you’ve got everything covered - before, during and after the magic moment of your next meeting.

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Interviews & Events

Facilitation is a powerful multi-purpose tool. Wszechnica, Krakow

This short film from Marc von Seters presences four perspectives on facilitative leadership world-wide

Getting a move on with Usain Bolt. Manage time, move people on, place your ideas in this bag