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What’s happening now in my outer and inner worlds (above and below the line) (inspired by Derek Sivers and Graham Allcott)

July 2019 Live Well so you may Die Wise

In June and July, 10 of us met in the ether three times for one and half hours each. We found that deep sharing was indeed possible although we were in the virtual realm and spread over 12 time zones. This 'Live Well Die Wise - virtual listening groups for letting go and letting come' was a prototype which Susanne Conrad (Germany) and Patricia Koster (Netherlands) and I co-initiated as part of the Virtual Listening Campus which in turn was one of 300 teams inspired by the u.Lab-S (societal transformation) programme of the Presenting Institute, M.I.T. USA

We listened to each other as we spoke of what we now needed to let go of and the tension we had to hold whilst we began to let new possibilities arise. This prototype showed us that the model of virtual deep listening was possible. We we will be offering more groups in the months up to the new year. Interested? Mail me.

Collective memoire of CEOs in crisis

I am making slow and steady progress with writing this book which is a fictional story based on the facts of the hundreds of CEOs in crisis which Jenny Berry and I have supported over a decade and more, through the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO). Our intention is that it will help future generations of CEOs avoid getting into crisis and be better able to survive it if they do.
It feels like noble work. It is also quite a challenge - I have never written such a book before and find that one day I am stuck and rather morose and then a day or two later am energised and see a clear way ahead. Talking with Jenny and CEOS whom I have supported makes all the difference; in dialogue I find inspiration, ideas and ways forward.

Calling Hong Kong

Many years ago I discovered I enjoyed facilitation. I often get re-hired by clients so I guess I'm doing something right. Now I am discovering that I also enjoy virtual facilitation, working on line with zoom which I find to be brilliant tool (try it if you haven't come across it yet). Producing less carbon not to mention the nervous energy of travel, developing competence in the virtual sphere, is becoming an essential skill.
It was a pleasure and privilege to work online with a facilitation team in Hong Kong to help them prepare for two face to face sessions. They had been engaged by a client who had hired them to work out their response to the darker sides of social media use.

International Facilitation Community of Practice

I had been on the board of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) for three years to 2015 and pro bono facilitated the annual board meetings on the two following years. I had been project managing the revival of the IAF Methods Library for nearly 4 years I stood down in October last year. I stepped back from volunteering last year, 2018. Now this year, 2019, I'm stepping in again and am leading a small team which is offering ways to welcome new members to the Europe Middle East region, including welcome webinars of which the first one was the end of July.

Insightfully Ageing for 8 years

I first joined this group more than 8 years ago which was inspired by a buddhist communist of practice. I've got older since then, as have the others in this small group of seekers, all of whom are my age plus or minus a decade or so. As we sit together once a month we have been pondering the passing of the years and seeking insights which help us to embrace whatever the future may hold for us.

Thinking about letting go, the time came to let go of the group, which I did in May, giving each member a home grown sunflower plant for them to enjoy over summer, before it fades.

Posted on 24-07-2019 at 17:19