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What’s happening now in my outer and inner worlds (above and below the line) (inspired by Derek Sivers and Graham Allcott)

December 2018 Fairtrade International - 'becoming the best we can be'

It started with a phone call and a meeting with the then recently appointed CEO just over a year and half ago. Since then I've been to the Fairtrade International central office in Bonn, Germany more or less every month, coordinating and guiding their organisational development process, so that they will be better able to serve the global fairtrade system of which they are at the heart.

Get2thepoint colleague Richard Chapman and I have facilitated team away days, staff meetings and staff team 2 day awayday. I have done a lot of one to one coaching and guiding of difficult conversations.
Not without some struggles, some magic has happened. They are indeed becoming the best they can be and its wonderful to see.

My satisfaction at seeing them flourish is tinged with a bit of sadness that my 2018 contract has come to end. My job is done, for now. That's how it is

Global societal transformation - are you kidding?

It was quite an investment. But my trip to Berlin on 13th December for the Societal Transformation Lab (STL) was worth every euro. The aim of STL which was launched by the Presencing Institute with 120 people in the room is 'to activate a global ecosystem of innovation that works to ensure wellbeing for all.'

I am a member of one of the 250 teams which have been selected who from January to June will be working 'to bridge the environmental, social and spiritual divides of our time, from a narrow understanding of self-interest (ego-systemic) to one that makes decisions based on the wellbeing of the whole system (eco-systemic)'

Ambitious? Yes indeed.

Homeless - It's a tiny gesture but I guess helps a bit?

I don't know what to do. Every time I see a person begging in the street I struggle. Its raining, its cold and I'm on my way to somewhere warm. Korinna and I donate to Depaul which helps people who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged.
It's a tiny gesture but I guess helps a bit.

Now I've started carrying coins in my pocket. I suspend judgement about why he or she has landed there and hand out a coin or two - with a smile and something like 'Alright?' when they are obviously not, or 'Take care' when I know their ability to do so is massively constrained by their life circumstances. It's a tiny gesture but I guess helps a bit.

Posted on 21-12-2018 at 13:18