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What’s happening now in my outer and inner worlds (above and below the line) (inspired by Derek Sivers and Graham Allcott)

September 2018 - Back from summer holiday ...

... I start noticing news again. It shouted at me. Barmy Brexit, the latest obscenities coming out of the USA, news of strife worldwide. The old order has got one thing going for it – amplification. President Chump writes a tweet and many people decide to make a headline out of it. Johnson says something stupid or ill informed and it’s on the front page. The transformation of the economy, society and self is happening. Everywhere. Right now. It is decent sustainable and is creating results that serve the wellbeing of all. But unfortunately all this good stuff is not amplified. So you don't hear it. Want to see what I mean? Start here

One day this month I accompanied a charity Chief Executive to an investigation meeting called by the board chairman. A few hours later I spoke with a charity Chief Executive whom I had been supporting for months and whose chair had recently resigned some weeks ago after many bitter exchanges. A different stages of their process of organisational struggle, one in full flood and the other now recovering, I am reminded of how good people with good intentions can get themselves into a mess. That mess troubles me and I am glad that ACEVO is still engaging me to support charity CEOs in crisis. CEOs get support when they need it and I have a way of expressing my inner impulse to help.

Stars in my eyes This last day of the month is also the last day of Shepperton Openwater Swim in 2018. It was a chilly but short cycle there this morning and then a refreshing 1km swim with ducks and swans and a few dozen others in wet suits. The sparkling bubbles in the sun as I slowly chugged through the cool water reminded me of the stars I saw in the much warmer waters of Corfu in 1969. I had stars in my eyes those young days. alt text

My phone makes me think I got a replacement phone this month as the bouncy people in the Apple shop couldn’t get the new battery working. So the phone and the battery were free. Other, that is, than the £19.99 for a new screen cover (How on earth can a fancy bit of plastic cost that much?) and a few irritating hours trying to work out how to get all the now updated apps to do what they were doing quite happily last week. Such simple hardships I suffer - 21st century problems indeed. It makes me think.

Posted on 30-09-2018 at 14:11