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What’s happening now in my outer and inner worlds (above and below the line) (inspired by Derek Sivers and Graham Allcott)

August 2018 - I have been reliving 1961, 1981 and 2006.

In 1961, when I was 11, my parents, my older brother and I camped for the first time on a little field in the Dordogne, France. That patch of grass, just outside the walls of the village of Limeuil, at the confluence of the Dordogne and Vezère rivers later became known as “Farrells’ Folly”.
This year, as I have on countless occasions, I sat by the campfire, gazed at the stars and pondered the passage of time and the meaning of things. Although alone this year, I was with the memories of friends and families past (including my brother and I hauling water from the village pump before we had a tap installed (quel luxe!) in the 1970s.

In 1981, I first stood nervously at the door of ‘The Fenche’, having met Korinna, now my wife of approaching 36 years, just a few days before - nervous as I was about to meet her parents. We have journeyed there (Allgäu, Germany) most years since, including this August. Although there are cracks and creaks, this little old house is, by some wonder, still standing. Mains water was installed some years past, soon after I found a shrivelled worm emerge from the water pipe flowing from the fields (nein danke!). This year I completed the annual Allgäu Olympic distance triathlon for the 3rd time, again not finishing last (I came 733rd out of 734!!).

In 2006 Korinna and I first landed by happy chance in Gargnano, on the west side of Lake Garda. We had been escaping what had been a damp and disappointing holiday, desperate for sun. We found it, and also a cosy hotel, with a view of the lake and the quaking of ducks. Here today, the last day of August, I remember the many joys and sometimes sorrows of our visits – sorrows like when I found myself sobbing uncontrollably at having to say goodbye to the lake which spoke and forever speaks to my soul, and joys like making the big decisions of the day (quale sapore de gelato?)

A tradition seems to have been born. Now for the third time, Graham Allcott and I have spent a day walking and talking on the South Downs. Life, work, the sea view, the universe, that kind of thing. Graham, friend, teacher, creative thinker and fellow traveller is the founder of Think Productive. He has helped me ‘stress less and achieve more’ by getting myself better organised, knowing better what to do when in personal and professional matters. Also for pointing me in the direction of these monthly NOW reflections. Thank you Graham

‘Let go’ needs to happen before you can ‘let come’ and see the emerging future. This appears to be a basic truth. Buddhist teaching, U Theory and other sources of wisdom point to it. But it's a hard to do now as ever. I, I and guess we all, tend to hold on to the familiar.

A couple of months ago, I was nudged by an impulse that the time had come to let go of a project which I had taken on nearly four years ago. It is what has now become the International Association of Facilitators Methods Library, jam packed with ways for facilitators to help groups of people engage. A couple of days ago, the impulse had grown and the time was right to act. The mail was sent, I am letting go. Now I have more freedom to look to the future and see what space may open to ‘let come’.

Posted on 31-08-2018 at 11:42