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What’s happening now in my outer and inner worlds (above and below the line) (inspired by Derek Sivers and Graham Allcott)

July 2018 - A month of walking

This month has seen the anniversary of my work with Fairtrade International in Bonn, Germany. After 6 months of preparation last year, we are now half way through a 12 month process of organisational development in 2018 - so that FI can become the best it can be in serving the global Fairtrade system. I’m loving it and see it as a privilege to be doing this work.

July has been a month of walking. At the beginning of the month I met five mates in the Lake District and we wandered in the hills for a few days. In unending sunshine we pondered ageing, the way of the world and all sorts of things old blokes talk about. Then at the end of the month I set off with my son for another ébtape of the Chemin St Jacques which in Spain is the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. In raging heat we managed 29 kilometres one day. We slept out, he in a hammock me in a little tent, in a wood, by a stream, enjoying being part of nature.

A special moment this month was moving our daughter to a new house. A special new beginning. I enjoy seeing her follow her brother last year, getting established in her very own place. A step on the way.

The way I receive news has change in the two years once the double debacle of Brexit and Trump. I now longer just turn on the TV or radio and download whatever is there. i have become more discerning. But when I do occasionally turn on the radio news, the first thing I hear is about Brexit. And I wonder.

I wonder how it would be if all that time, energy, attention and indeed money were to be invested in things which sustain life on the planet and enrich the lives of the people upon it. Imagine all those hours, the energy, the effort going toward arresting climate change, eliminating single use plastics, reducing inequality, providing education for all. Maybe I’m a dreamer. Am I the only one?

Posted on 02-08-2018 at 21:46