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Mr Johnson - see the grand scheme of things

I had never thought that apartheid would end or that the Berlin wall would fall. Never, never, never.

Nor did I ever imagine that my basically decent, fair and reasonable country could be tilting towards some kind of dictatorship.

During this summer in France Germany and Italy, from time to time I have found myself listening to the fading dusk, gazing at stars, enjoying silent nights. In a field in France the distant barking of a lone dog sharpened the stillness.

Whilst it was so silent I could almost hear my own tiny pulse, the beat of political cacophony in the UK beyond the horizon was raging loud.

While the firmament appears resolutely unchanged, the froth of human activity is forever turbulent. It was ever thus. How could I ever have imagined otherwise?

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One way or the other, old certainties give way. Walls fall, civility falters, enemies come and go. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même - the more things change, the more they are the same

And so it has been, and is, that aspiring and actual dictators worldwide deploy legitimate democratic processes to capture power in the name of the people whom they purport to serve. And in so doing they come to see the world as revolving around themselves and cannot fathom the fact that they, as we all, are but one spec of stardust revolving in the great firmament.

Having been embraced by some as an amusing joker, Boris Johnson is now revealing his dark underbelly as a lying, deceitful egoist. Empowered by a coterie of allies he is giving a new and sinister sharp edge to the EU referendum clarion call to ‘take back control’, so that the bile that has been lurking beneath the fair minded waters of the UK is now spilling onto my doorstep.

So I wonder what would come to pass if Boris Johnson were to join me in my french field and see his place in the grand scheme of things not with himself at the centre, but as one interconnected tiny spec in the firmament? What would come to pass in our politics If he were to have the courage to look up to the stars and ponder his great insignificance?

What then Mr Johnson, what then?

Posted on 05-09-2019 at 20:24

To listen is to hear, with attention.

With this blog I invite you to listen with me - to life wherever it may be found: within self, society, our natural environment. My intention is to nourish the life in and all around me and, if you so choose, in and around you too. [More...]

‘Listen for life’ means listening to life (as in ‘is there a pulse?’), listening for all of life (for whatever time we have left), listening to enhance life (so we live more fully).

Our ears are our primary, but not only, organ for hearing. By choosing to attune our brains, we practice listening, and will hear more. And as we hear more we will think, and act, powerfully from that place.

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