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Listen to your elders - the earth is 4.5 billion years old

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I see a clear blue sky. I'm in London, it's February 25th and this afternoon it will be 19°. Yesterday the mercury reached 20° which was the highest February temperature since records began.

Two weeks ago tens of thousands children and young people walked out of school and took to the streets, in London, throughout the UK and across the world. The banners of protest were as funny as they were furious. ‘Stop bitching about Brexit, the world is on fire ...The sea is rising and so are we ... Think or Swim ... ’. My favourite pronounced that we should listen to our elders - like the earth'.

With this street protest we see that the children are acting like adults. They see the destruction they are inheriting and fear this will dominate their lives; and they don't like it. The adults, especially those in positions of power, are acting like children, with their fingers in their ears. La-la land indeed.

Children are looking 50 years ahead. They hope for a future. The adults are looking no more than five, or less. They hope to stay in power.

Headteacher/UK Prime Minister Theresa May scolded the naughty children for increasing their teachers’ workloads and tells them that if they study hard one day they can become the ‘top scientists, engineers and advocates we need to help tackle this problem’

The children answer back ‘We’ll do our homework when you do yours’. If the grown-ups did their homework they would quickly calculate that when the average child reaches the average age of a top scientist, (let’s say some 20 years hence) irreversible climate change would already have been raging for a decade.

Scientists, engineers and advocates would then have to focus only on adaptation to climate destruction as it will be too late to mitigate it.

If I were to still to be on planet earth in 25th February 2039, then at the grand old age of 88, I would expect to be witnessing rising sea and raging floods invading peoples living rooms, tornadoes ripping off roofs, ice cold winters and sizzling hot summers (and would also expect to see the rich spending their millions to protect themselves leaving the rest of us to freeze and fry.

So leaders, do your homework now - listen to what your planet earth elder is telling you and act because 2039 will be too late, too late, too late. Salute the children who see further than you do and are demanding that you grow up, open your ears and act now to prevent impending climate destruction.

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Posted on 26-02-2019 at 11:59

To listen is to hear, with attention.

With this blog I invite you to listen with me - to life wherever it may be found: within self, society, our natural environment. My intention is to nourish the life in and all around me and, if you so choose, in and around you too. [More...]

‘Listen for life’ means listening to life (as in ‘is there a pulse?’), listening for all of life (for whatever time we have left), listening to enhance life (so we live more fully).

Our ears are our primary, but not only, organ for hearing. By choosing to attune our brains, we practice listening, and will hear more. And as we hear more we will think, and act, powerfully from that place.

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