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Brexit silence, one minute, once an hour

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One day in January, Theresa May's Brexit deal was dramatically defeated. The shouting, already at fever pitch, went into overdrive. Already shrill and piercing it has progressed to a screaming cacophony.

Demonstrators in the street shout their conviction and wave their loud banners in the faces of others who duly shout and wave back. Commentators display their mastery of this impossible complexity by analysing the latest tweets and guessing what could happen next, while politicians jump in front of the cameras to convince us of the wisdom of their own chosen way.

No one knows what to do. No-one knows what will happen. Everyone knows this is a critical moment in the story of the UK and of Europe. Like a pub brawl, everyone is up for a punch up, but has lost sight of why and how it all started.

I have an idea - simple, free and easily done.

Stop. Just stop. All of us. For one whole minute. At the top of the hour every hour. Let there be 60 seconds of silence. No shouting, no hooting, no interviews, no blah blah. Just silence - to listen.

After a day, two days, many days of this, we could collectively begin to fathom the depths of how we got here. And from that place we might, just might, start to hear a hint of a way through. And as we act from that place, the hint will get stronger and we could open up a new pathway for this story.

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Posted on 16-01-2019 at 18:06

To listen is to hear, with attention.

With this blog I invite you to listen with me - to life wherever it may be found: within self, society, our natural environment. My intention is to nourish the life in and all around me and, if you so choose, in and around you too. [More...]

‘Listen for life’ means listening to life (as in ‘is there a pulse?’), listening for all of life (for whatever time we have left), listening to enhance life (so we live more fully).

Our ears are our primary, but not only, organ for hearing. By choosing to attune our brains, we practice listening, and will hear more. And as we hear more we will think, and act, powerfully from that place.

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