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Welcome to get2thepoint - virtual facilitation, coaching and training

Civil society stands for decency, truth and living together sustainably and well. Disruptive forces are undermining these principles every day. It’s tough out there. Responding to this, get2thepoint collaborators and I offer our attention and skill to those who are out there on the civil society front line in the UK and worldwide. Get2thepoint facilitation and coaching can connect you with your best intentions, refresh your enthusiasm, get you unstuck and guide you through crisis, as you work for a flourishing civil society - wherever you are in the world and in your work, life story. Close by and right behind you, all the way - before during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.


Get2thepoint facilitation: transform a meeting and change a world - the bit of the world which is close to you, which you care about. More...


Having a world in your head can get messy. Yes ... No ... Maybe? Get2thepoint coaching can help you get things straight. More...


With get2thepoint training you can learn how to do things differently and better. Yes, old habits can change. More...