Get2thepoint. That’s what we do – with you and for you. Wherever you are in the world. Come rain or shine.

Our passion, skill, integrity and business rigour inspires new thinking in groups large and small. We help you get2thepoint.

But what is the point? You have an idea of what you need – to envision strategy, make plans, face up to conflict, get moving again, make decisions, start a project, avert or recover from crisis, motivate the team, learn skills, celebrate success.

With you, we bring together past and present to create the future you want to see, for you, for your team, your organisation.

Get2thepoint founder and Director Martin Farrell is a skilled international facilitator and coach. He has absorbed a deep understanding of group processes by working with teams and organisations over more than four decades. He is frequently engaged to work in situations of conflict, profound struggle and challenge.

As Director of the Europe Middle East and North Africa region of the International Association of Facilitators, Martin is connected with a worldwide network of people who know about groups and the power of facilitation.

52 tips in 52 weeks

Will the venue accommodate a room layout that nourishes? Some things in a room can’t be changed, but ...

This meeting matters. Does it? There are ways of letting it be known how much the meeting matters to you, if it does...

People will support what they create. You don’t need to plan alone! Create a planning group and share responsibility ...

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