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Martin Farrell
Get2thepoint Ltd
36 Woodbines Avenue
Kingston KT1 2AY

m: +44 7971 885 991
Zoom: 9159633006
Skype: martinfarrellget2thepoint
Twitter: @MartinFarrell

Planning a meeting and need help? Ask Martin for a one hour coaching session to find positive and productive ways of responding to it. (Cost? We can talk about that, no problem).

This is what will happen when you contact Martin:

Start here I will start our conversation by seeking to understand where you are and what you need.
Focus on action I will be clear and practical about next steps.
Working together We will become co-creators right from the start – together we’ll find a way.
Money We’ll have a straightforward conversation about how much you would like to pay or what other way you can reciprocate.
Formality and trust. Although we may write a formal agreement, the trust between us will be more powerful.

Photo credits:
International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Oceania Region
Third Sector magazine