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With mess and muddle in our heads, we can’t think clearly. That means we cannot act powerfully in the world.

With get2thepoint coaching you can see through the noise of the past and begin to hear the invitation of the future. My coaching practice builds on the deep listening I have learned from Nancy Kline of Time to Think since 1999. She helped me to discover a courageous clarity of word and action.

Virtual, in person, at short notice, one off sessions, several or more, whatever the challenge... it’s all possible. With you and for you.

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I was, as a member of ACEVO, given support by one of your consultants, Martin Farrell. I think without his support my mental state would have been far worse. He gave me the strength to fight and to at least stand my corner ... I was given a redundancy package which I might not otherwise have got. Happily I am now with a new charity.

Martin provided support through ACEVO so that I could manage a particularly challenging set of circumstances effectively. He was focused, direct, kind and good humoured. There were lengthy periods when I did not need to talk to Martin; however it was very reassuring to know that his insightful and measured help was there if I needed to call upon it.

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