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With mess and muddle in our heads, we can’t think clearly. That means we cannot act powerfully in the world.

With get2thepoint coaching you can see through the noise of the past and begin to hear the invitation of the future. My coaching practice builds on the deep listening I have learned from Nancy Kline of Time to Think since 1999. She helped me to discover a courageous clarity of word and action.

Virtual, in person, at short notice, one off sessions, several or more, whatever the challenge... it’s all possible. With you and for you.

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You're a legend.

In my role as a CEO, Martin reached out to me when I was in a difficult place at work. My relationship with the Board Chair was breaking down and I was professionally very vulnerable and isolated. Martin's calm, professional, pragmatic advice was critical in helping me gain clarity and develop a strategy to address my challenges and take the next steps under my own control. As my problem disappeared, Martin didn't! He continues to reach out and maintain contact and has become more of a friend than a coach. I could not have asked for more during a very difficult period and I would not hesitate to recommend Martin as a coach or professional 'guide'.

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