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Certified Professional Facilitator

Facilito reuniones internacionales desde mi primer trabajo con la ONU en 2002. Aprovecho el profundo conocimiento de la dinámica personal y grupal y me demandan como facilitador de procesos grupales grandes y pequeños y como entrenador de crisis para líderes de todo el mundo. Estoy acreditado por la Asociación Internacional de Facilitadores (IAF) como un Facilitador Profesional Certificado™. [Más...]

Trabajé como voluntario con jóvenes desfavorecidos en Moss Side Manchester a fines de la década de 1960. Luego en una organización benéfica sudafricana, ocupando cargos de liderazgo, incluso en Save the Children y la Cruz Roja Británica, antes de establecer get2thepoint.

Fui Director Regional (Europa, Oriente Medio, África del Norte) de la IAF durante tres años hasta 2015 y sigo desempeñando un papel activo en una vibrante comunidad mundial de facilitadores.

En 2014 nadé de Alcatraz a San Francisco para recaudar dinero para la educación de los prisioneros, y tres años más tarde hice un ciclo de 100 millas para familias más vulnerables. Me las arreglé para no ser el último en seis triatlones. Disfruto del cuidado de mi jardín y soy el orgulloso propietario de una moto BSA Bantam D14/4 de 1968.

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Esto es lo que estoy haciendo y pensando ahora en mis mundos externo e interno.


Me gusta trabajar creativamente con otros y he disfrutado colaborando con muchas personas durante muchos años. Basándonos en la apertura, la pasión compartida y el respeto mutuo, el equipo cambia continuamente a medida que las iniciativas y proyectos van y vienen.

Mis colaboradores en 2020 son:

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Andy Connor is an alternative to throwing the laptop out of the window. If email starts doing weird things or the screen goes a funny colour, he’ll work out what to do. Phew.

For over a decade and a half Graham Irwin has been building and maintaining get2thepoint websites. Since 1990 he has been making computer technology ‘easy to use for all and provide a human side to the world of computing.’ He says of himself that ‘I am a compassionate and spiritually aware man who has committed my life to applying my skills and experience to enlarge and enhance the quality of life for all concerned’. Since 2016 he has been a member of the volunteer staff at the Sitepoint webmaster forums.

Marianne Hartley is the genius who, with Martin, has co-created the get2thepoint branding and design you see on this website. She has been working with Martin since designing the book Meeting Together in 2006. Working in English, French and German, from Basel and London, Marianne is the founder of Hartley and Soul, which creates ‘beautiful designs that truly reflect your passion for your business and its values, engages all of your senses and creates a heart to heart connection that leaves you and your customers feeling connected, engaged and fulfilled. This [is] healing design.’ Indeed it is.

Paul Cursons has been making the get2thepoint books balance for decades. With Paul’s care and eye for detail, it all works wonderfully smoothly. With a life time of experience as an independent book keeper he makes it all seem so easy.

Richard Chapman is a trusted friend and co-facilitator colleague with whom I have worked on a series of projects for some years now in the UK and internationally. Richard is a writer, composer and facilitator of organisation development for civil society. Whatever form his work takes, Richard’s aim is to help bring about those moments of insight and realisation which lead to positive change and transformation. With an intuitive understanding of depth, he is a most insightful guide and fellow-traveller through the often tricky complexities of group dynamics.

Steven Appleby is the lovely person behind all the drawings you see on the site and which you will also see throughout Meeting Together. He is an ‘absurdist cartoonist, illustrator and artist living in Britain.’ His humour has been described as ‘observational or absurd, with a keen sense of the turmoil of fear and obsession that teems beneath the respectable exterior of most of us.’ Just perfect for drawing what really goes on in meetings and in our jumbled minds.

Debbie Bannigan With a life time of observing human beings at work, deep in the trenches of the real world, Debbie knows what makes organisations tick - or not. Powered by a fascination with the struggles which can unfold when well meaning people try to do good, she is blessed with the insight and intellect (and Doctorate in Business Administration to prove it) to be able to make sense of it all. That’s the work she’s doing with Martin. She is drawing out the wisdom arising from Martin's decade and a half of coaching third sector CEOs through crisis and is distilling what may be learnt so that it can be passed on. For the good of all. So watch this space: book, videos, articles, presentations + who knows, a Hollywood blockbuster ... prime time television ... musical? Well whatever next ? ;-)

Raquel Ark walks her talk. And her ‘talk’ is not talking, but listening. She invites you to ‘play and experiment with listening’ and to ‘discover the gold in every circumstance, relationship, team and project’. At Listening Academy she is devoted to ‘sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you master the art of listening’. We have been and are working together with Fairtrade International and are team members of the Virtual Listening Campus of uLab-S Societal Transformation offered by the Presencing Institute at MIT, Boston USA.

In 2013 Lilian Wang started to share her facilitation expertise with HK civil society groups. This attracted a group of facilitation practitioners to regularly share their methods and skills and also to facilitate various types of dialogue projects for the HK community. The group then developed into the International Association of Facilitator Hong Kong (IAF-HK) with a mission “to build a better HK with meaningful dialogues.” With substantial background in management consulting, staff development, research collaboration, marketing and operations in both public and private sectors across Asia Pacific region, Lilian combines business rigour with a rich intuition. She integrates oriental culture and philosophy into her coaching and facilitation practice to spark engaging authentic conversations, creative flow, deep reflection and understanding which invite personal and team transformation. Born in Beijing, educated in Hong Kong and Germany, Lilian is an internationally accredited facilitator and executive coach and speaks fluent Cantonese and English.



Estamos Nosotros y estás Tú. Tenemos mucho en común. Es más lo que nos une, que lo que nos divide. Así es como lo vemos.

Nos encantaría trabajar contigo si te ves a ti mismo como parte del tercer sector - una aspiración hacia una forma digna de vivir juntos en comunidades locales y globales en las que exista una prosperidad justa y sostenible, en las que todos busquen salud, bienestar y satisfacción y también el alivio del menor sufrimiento para todos. En get2thepoint, nuestra pasión es ayudar a las personas en grupos, organizaciones y comunidades para las que el objetivo principal es hacer realidad esta aspiración.

También puedes ver algo de ti mismo aquí:

  • Deseas ver el bien que puede surgir cuando la gente realmente se une;
  • Tú valoras lo que la gente puede dar más de lo que el dinero puede comprar;
  • Te gustaría comprender las conexiones en y entre las personas;
  • Estás dispuesto a dejar de lado las viejas formas que ya no funcionan y estás abierto a dejar que surja lo nuevo.

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Esto es lo que los clientes han dicho sobre Martin y get2thepoint:

Dear Martin, It is a rare thing that I return from a conference or sector meeting feeling stimulated and full of a sense of possibility, but the combination of your facilitation and the beautiful setting of the Quaker Centre has achieved just that. You are the embodiment of the word facilitator - supporting attendees to express their own views and to coalesce those views opinions and ideas into useful and productive dialogue, moving people through the agenda with sensitivity and space for people to have their say, but at a pace that allows for the agenda to be followed and the outcome achieved. It was a real pleasure working with you today.

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